Thumb Jockeys Gaining on American Rule


Did you ever stop to think about how many hundreds and thousands of letters — yea, those written-on-paper-with-ink sheets that many years ago were used as the world’s chief source of person-to-person communication — passed between people like President John Adams and…say, his cabinet and military leaders?

Of course, you haven’t!

Before the telephone, before the telegraph, before TV, people actually had desks at which they wrote letters of communication to each other. Letters were like interpersonal newspapers.

Now, the thumb jockeys will soon rule society. Their homogenized and coded messages to their audiences already zip through the air in milliseconds.

But, while in the past we had a written record of messages, we now have nothing of the sort. And if we do, those messages are easily erased, so nobody knows anything, and no one can be held accountable.

Is technology amazing, or what?

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