From the Universe


Out of the mysteries of the moon and stars, planets, and universe, comes beliefs of eternity and more mysteries of the cosmos.

Out of the 16th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story contest, Kelly Dowling won first place with her story entitled The Vows. The story deals with the loss of a loved one and the one left behind speaking at his funeral. What to say?

She speaks of his asking if they are “alone in the universe” one night and that he wanted “to be ground into dust and scattered beneath the moon” upon his death.


She believes he is now “among the stars”, in “the cosmos that first led (her) to (him)”.  Adding “the universe called you home too soon”, she says she “will let the universe eulogize you” now.


Are you among those who believe we come from and return to the stars, the cosmos, the universe?

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


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