Gunsmoke Is Comfort Food

For many Americans of the Baby Boomer generation, the old TV show “Gunsmoke” is “comfort food”, according to statistics in viewing conducted by Robert Seidman, producer of “Sports TV Ratings”.

Seidman created ratings comparisons involving gunning “Gunsmoke” viewership against audiences today that glue themselves to sports debate shows. His conclusion: “With the people who watch ‘Gunsmoke’, there’s just not a lot of stuff they can do that reminds them of what life was like 50 years ago, and for a lot of people I think that’s just comfortable (watching Gunsmoke)”. He explained, “It’s comfort food for certain people…”

Hmmmm…I would say he has a good point. Near 71, I’m an avid “Gunsmoke” fan. And, frankly, my dear reader, modern reality TV has little value, or reality, for me. In contrast, I find real life appeal in the stories of “Gunsmoke”, and those from other shows of the ’50s and ’60s.

But is one’s life all wrapped in what one grew up to learn in a certain time frame?

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