No Tweeting While on the Job


Don’t do this on your watch!

At least Oscar has learned the lesson about tweeting on the job — Don’t do it — ever! You could, and probably will, get lost in the conversation!

The story behind this year’s Academy Awards gaffe of the incorrect envelope getting into the hands of Best Picture presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beauty should stand as solid justification for the rule of not tweeting while on the job!

It is important to know that Oscar-winning envelopes are duplicated and two accountants, one stage left and one stationed stage right, both have sets of the winners’ envelopes.

The Oscar award presented by Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actress to Emma Stone just prior to the Oscar presentation for Best Picture may have been part of the scenario that set up the grand boo-boo. DiCaprio entered stage left and was handed the Best Actress envelope from there; all other presenters had entered stage right. That meant the accountant at stage right had retained his unused duplicate Oscar envelope for Best Actress.

The accountant at stage right, Brian Cullinan, also had just been tweeting pictures of Emma Stone, who seconds before had been named Best Actress. It’s apparent that Cullinan wasn’t focused on his envelopes, as he was the person who handed Dunaway and Beatty the duplicate Best Actress envelope rather than the one containing the Best Picture winner.


And now, they say, the accountant firm responsible for presenting the Oscar winners for as long as anyone can remember, PricewaterhouseCoopers, won’t recover from this inadvertent error for years. And does Cullinan still have a job?

Beware of those tweets on the job, America!

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