Eagle Nest in Use


Mother Eagle peeks above her nest while she awaits the arrival of her mate


Changing of the Guard


Big birds, like Bald Eagles and Ospreys, who build big nests, often return to them, refurbish them, and give life to new hatchlings in them. In Florida, Ohio, a nest built between the Maumee River and a portion of the old Maumee and Erie canal along scenic State Route 424 has been reused for decades.

In the second picture (ABOVE), Mr. arrives to land in the nest just after Mrs. departs. He waited on a nearby branch before entering the nest, giving his Mrs. room for lift-off.

Eagle nests can be as wide as ten feet across and weigh in at 1,000 pounds, or more.

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


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