Notes On A Word of Wisdom — UP

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From our local church newsletter came some of these thoughts on a Word of Wisdom — “Up”.

Take time out for a laugh, or two, on wordage:
You understand the word “up”: it means toward the sky, or at the top of some list, according to the Dictionary.

But, why:
1)   do we wake UP ?
2)   do we speak UP ?
3)   are officers UP for election ?
4)   do we warm UP ?
5)   do we work UP an appetite ?

And, why:
6)   do we think UP excuses ?
7)   do we dress UP ?
8)   is the Earth soaked UP with rain water ?
9)   do we mess UP ?
10) do we wrap it UP ?

11) do we line UP ?
12) do we brighten UP ?
13) are people stirred UP ?
14) do we lock UP ?
15) do we talk it UP ?

16) do we button UP ?
17) do we clam UP ?
18) are people fixed UP for a date ?
19) do we vote it UP ?
20) do we add it UP ?

The wonder of words is my wonder, also. Is it yours?

I added some other UPs to the newsletter list. Add yours!

It’s all UP to you!

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg