About My Blogs and The Journey


At “Near the Finish Line”, I explore and relate things I’ve done and observed trotting through life at full throttle and pacing through to the wire — the finish line.

I’ve paced, I’ve trotted, I’ve started and stopped, and I’ve seen and heard. At best, I’m coming down the stretch with a bucketful of written material to offer, with the finish line nearly in sight.

But we don’t know our finish, really, do we?

So what did we do and learn along the way of life? The journey can be summed up in written words and pictures and thoughts. That’s what “Near the Finish Line” is about–a summary of a life’s existence, photographs, and observations.

I use Near the Finish Line as a composite blog, with references and cross-references often given to my many other WordPress blogs, which total 20 in all.

I hope you’ll explore with me!

My Primary WordPress blog is:
Writing has kept me going, literally, throughout my life, and this blog is a travel log through my life-sustaining writing efforts.

A Second Primary is:
The welfare of animals is something about which I remain concerned and passionate. This blog allows animals to speak for themselves, as well as allowing me to speak for animals.

Also produced under my prolific pen and typewriter, find:



Joe E and Me describes my work as a newspaper reporter and follows some of comedian Joe E. Brown’s life, as we were kindred spirits of a sort some fifty years apart. He was born in Holgate, Ohio, and I lived on a farm outside Holgate and spent 11 of my school years in Holgate. I met the lovely Mr. Brown there in 1965.

Fans and Gamers, and Factory Tails, etc., are places where my short story Fiction, “Novels In A Nutshell”, and more, takes center stage.

Bat Publishing Stories tells about my self-publishing efforts and offers some insight, as well as some short story features.

Chicken Soup for Buckeyes travels the state of Ohio.

Short Stories and Story Art includes my story puzzles named Scrabbled Stories. Can you solve them? And it features my “Roughcraft Artwork”, which I created to include in my stories and handcrafted books.

The remaining blogs–photos, gratitude, complaints, sports, poetry, films, dogs, story prompts, and fair exhibits–are rather self-explanatory, featuring stories and pictures and articles on their namesake titles, so you know what you’re getting into! And I hope you get into a lot! Thanks for stopping by my numerous blogs!

I’ll visit you, as well!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg