Time to Flag It


Jadar Johnson, 22, rookie draftee of the New York Giants, has retired.

His reasons are two-fold, but No.1 is profound — he values his health, he said. He also has plans to pursue less reckless ventures, ones that will tend to not endanger his life, as does professional football, or any level of contact football of today’s variety.

Brain disease and damage is becoming more and more a culprit that is making footballers take a second look at their choices. Are the demanding physical risks of the sport worth the rewards?

Could players do better to get that college education and begin a different life at an earlier stage in their football careers, as Johnson has decided to do? Taking the rookie paycheck and retiring with one’s head mostly intact may become a welcomed trend.

Stats are beginning to appear that confirm 99% of football players are being brain-wrecked to some degree…

It’s time to raise the red flag and start all level, non-contact Flag Football Safety Leagues that will take over the crunching cruelty of the current National Football League. There already are some flag football leagues, for youngsters and for former NFL pros.

Let’s trend that!

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Independents Separatists and Allies


Saluting soldier at the Veterans Park at the Bridge, Napoleon, Ohio

July 4th marks the annual celebration in America of its Independence Day, the result of the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776. America broke away from Britain’s control of her, yet in World War II, it was Britain to whose aid America eventually rose, and together they helped form the Allied forces that defeated the invasions of Japan and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

It should be noted that the American Constitution, written to ensure the lasting freedom of its people, wisely called for separation of church and state. This insured the liberty of the people to chose their own religious callings, something that had been impossible in their former lives in Britain at that time.

Paradoxically, it was the Bible that was “…the most cited book in the political discourse of the age, referenced more frequently than the great political theorists…” scholar Martin E. Marty pointed out.

It’s time for Americans to think deeply about the preceding three paragraphs. No better time than July 4th!

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Tweets and Free Press Bashing


Seems to me it’s about time for all Trump supporters to reassess their presidential choice.

President Trump’s campaign promises — which anyone with a slight bit of intelligence should have known couldn’t be kept — his abusive deliveries to women, and his constant bashing of our Free American Press are all the contrivances of someone who wants to preside by heavy-handed control. In many other countries, those types of individuals are called dictators.

This is not the way our American government works. And a Free Press has been essential to Democracy since this form of government began.

While the world is crashing, the President tweets and tweets, complains about and tries to disclaim the integrity of persons of the press, and generally reveals that he has no intention of being presidential. His tweets, especially, are diversion tactics to steer the American people to divisiveness and cover up the truth — that he doesn’t have the least idea what it takes to be an American President.

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Please weigh in with your comments. I know I’m not alone.

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My Friend Wrote A Book


An old Ohio high school friend of mine succeeded in telling her story in book form, which was released in 2014. The book is titled: “Beyond Myself: The Farm Girl and The African Chief”.

Anita married an African Chief, Benjamin G. Dennis, a professor who taught in the US before Anita married him. Together, they co-authored the book “Slaves To Racism: An Unbroken Chain from America to Liberia”, 2008.

Their journey through faith, marriage, writing, and racism is a priceless experience told frankly and with love by Anita in her own book after her husband passed away.

Below is the Christmas card she sent me many years ago, (in 1973), while she was spending a year with her husband and their family, and Ben’s tribal family in Liberia, West Africa.


Read more at:

And find Anita’s latest stories, Website, and book references at:
http://www.anitakdennis.com/2017/06/12/old-south-1970s-liberian-history/ – 1970s Liberian History: The Old South – Anita Katherine Dennis

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Smarter Than Us…


In her book “the wave in the mind”, (2004, Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boulder, Colorado), author Ursula K. LeGuin contends that cats and dogs are superiorly smart over the human being.

“They look in the mirror, once, when they’re a kitten or a puppy,” Le Guin says; “They get all excited… run around hunting for the kitten or the puppy behind the glass… then they get it. It’s a trick… they never look again.”

“My cat will meet my eyes in the mirror, but never his own,” she concludes.

What is your view of the intelligence of our domestic animal friends?

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Coffee Cup Series


Rudolph-the-Red-nosed-Reindeer failed to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to another NBA championship, and the Golden State Warriors, via the new king, Kevin Durant, sent a message that pricked like fork tines. They said emphatically through their dominant play to the title, “We’ll be here awhile.”

Rudolph ultimately agreed, stating he’d probably be sitting down to figure things out before the next title run begins.

Drinking from Rudolph’s coffee cup I call “Humble” for now…

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More Than A Bloom


A Dandelion is more than a bloom; it’s delicate structure is made for several stages of life, during which it changes forms continuously until it departs altogether.




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