Abe’s Wisdom and Humor


One of our American Presidents that nearly everyone in any generation can remember is Abraham Lincoln. His humor and wisdom penetrated Congressmen, dignitaries, and the common man and woman.

“In the end it’s NOT the Years in you life that count. It’s the Life in your years” was one of Lincoln’s favorite pieces of advice for living right.

During a Cabinet meeting, discussion ensued on how foreign powers were interpreting the ongoing War between the States in America. Said President Lincoln: “…we must let other nations know that we propose to settle our family row in our own way…we don’t want any sneaking around by other countries who would like to find out how we are going to do it, either…Now (Secretary) Seward, you write some diplomatic notes to that effect.”

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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Sharon’s Solid Advice


In Defiance, Ohio, The Crescent-News writers include Sharon Randall, a good and optimistic person who shares her thoughts in a well-written, optimistic column.

Today, Sunday, she shared this four-part philosophy: try kindness; embrace change; be thankful, and live well. And she added, “always celebrate life”, all as ways to develop an “art to living”.

I certainly agree with her formula! See more of my thoughts on thankfulness.

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