Fun With Photo Blowups


Digital cameras offer an editing feature with which an amateur photographer can have some fun creating new, isolated photos from an original picture. Although blowups lose pixel power if the original photo isn’t perfectly focused, one can still “play” with his pictures to his contentment!

The first photo here was isolated and blown up from a picture taken of two Canada Geese flying over a bridge while the camera stayed on the geese and faded out the bridge railing.

The two following pictures (BELOW) are also isolated and enlarged from other original photos with numerous birds involved.



Isolate’em and blow’em up!! (BELOW):





We musn’t be serious in our photography all the time must we? Especially if we are mere amateurs, some fun should be allowed daily!

Photos and Blowups from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

(Note: Blowups can be achieved on the computer after photos are downloaded to it, but they are best cropped and blown up first on the digital camera, since the camera will save the original photo as well as the enlargements, whereas, on the computer, the original will be replaced by the blowup.)


Water Splashers


The Skimmer gull is a superior fisher from the air. Like the Eagle, he can spot a fish near the surface of the water and skim and scoop to catch his prey. The Skimmer leaves an incredible splash and trail of water in his wake. This fellow has successfully caught up a small fish which dangles from his beak as he returns to the air.

As an amateur photographer, I certainly value this picture (ABOVE) as one of my favorites — not an easy catch!


The triumphant Skimmer is airborne once more, and the fish can still be seen protruding from his beak.

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Eagles Are Flying


Sitting on the riverside bench with pal Cee-Cee on my lap and my camera in my pocket (under her), I was certain to spot an Eagle. It always happens that way! I couldn’t get Cee-Cee safely down and the camera out of my pocket fast enough to zoom in on this fellow, who flew by in front of me in a slow, teasing circle.

Well, I got this much anyway!

Of course, my other Eagle sighting this week so far was from the transport bus I was on as the vehicle crossed the river bridge! Again, the Eagle was in about the same spot in the sky…while my camera sat at home on my desk…

Ah…such is the way of an amateur photographer — chance, grab, and miss, or connect!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg