Winning and Losing As A Team


Perhaps the caption to the picture (ABOVE) could be “Ouch!”

However, the reason for using a basketball game image, as the college national championship was decided just last night, is that basketball is a team sport, and such sports demand team work and dedication to one’s teammates in order for individuals, and teams, to achieve success.

Along the way of the 2017 NCAA Tournament, a player made a last minute error in purposefully fouling an opponent, when the play should have been to defend and let the clock run out, hopefully to secure a one-point victory. Instead, the foul gave the player’s opponent an opportunity to swish two game-winning free throws.

But these young men, the player’s teammates, all got it — support your teammates in victory, or in defeat, or when a mental error becomes very costly. The player’s teammates did exactly that, to a man. They supported their teammate, and, regardless of losing one game, these young men all went home winners.

In games, as in life, lessons on team play make winners out of those who choose to support their team. Life is a team game, and all members of every team are important.

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Best Tweet on Oscar Best Picture Error Goes to…


Humorous Billy Crystal turned in the best tweet following the revelation of an error in the announcement for Best Picture at Sunday night’s 89th Annual Academy Awards show.

I was gasping for breath over the hateful messages and tweets immediately sent over social media concerning the gaping error at the Oscars live ceremony when “La La Land” was named the Best Picture of the Year, rather than “Moonlight”, because a simple mistake occurred in the handling of presenter cards.

But comedienne extraordinaire Billy Crystal put everything in witty perspective when he declared on Twitter that it was a shame “that (announcement error) didn’t happen on election night”.

That’s funny, not hateful, not vengeful, not stupidly ignorant. His wit brought me back to Earth (for better, or worse!) Thank you, Billy C.!

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