Love and Horror The Second Time


If you like to be scared silly — and your reading batteries have run low, scurry over to Amazon books and look for Dark Visions

That’s the name of the new, amazing horror anthology from editor and best-selling author Dan Alatorre and over 20 other authors, some repeaters, who have collaborated to produce their second of two books together.


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I contributed a short story called Normal Things to Dark Visions. I also was published in Dan’s first anthology with us titled The Box Under the Bed.


Through Dan’s writing contests at his WordPress blog, many of us have achieved commercial publication and self-publishing success, as we were winners, or placers, in those contests whom Dan invited to help produce his scary, horror anthologies.


All of us aren’t exactly genre-tight horror writers, but the contests, plus Dan’s generosity as an editor and best-selling author himself, helped catapult our work into the limelight. We wrote suspense and horror and macabre for his contests, and collaboration on his anthologies was a boost in recognition for us all.

Take a chance! Read us! Order Dark Visions and/or The Box Under the Bed today at Amazon!

Photos (first two and last) from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg



Back-to-Back Wins at the County Fair

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My County Fair Exhibit

After a most successful year in 2017 competing in the Henry County Fair’s Photography Division, I wondered what I could do for an encore in 2018.

I changed things up and achieved back-to-back wins in Photography’s “Henry County Landmarks”, a class for ages 16 and Over. The required 5×7 up to 8×10 Prints could be presented in Color, Or in Black and White.

Here are my “Landmarks” winners — 2018, First Place, photographed in Color.


Fair entry snap after awards were presented



Original snap before entry at the Fair

and in 2017 (BELOW), First Place and BEST in CLASS, photographed in Black and White:


Fair entry snap after awards were presented


Original snap before entry at the Fair

More about county fairs and more Fair Photography, as well as continuing presentations of my Ribbon Winners and non-winners, may be viewed at my fair blog.

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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Ten Photographic Awards At —


I was looking for my 10th Photographic Award at and here he is, as of
this morning’s notification.

My little squirrelly friend, photographed in 2016 in the backyard of our apartment building, provided that award with a photo image rating of over 500 in his first day as an uploaded photo.

He finished in the Top 20% Best of the Day for January 14 in the category of Animals.

See him and other award-winning photos in my collections at
and at
My County Fair Exhibit

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg