Prevention Is Still the Cure

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Many Americans are being demoralized. They’re buying into trashing the free press, the hallmark of a free society.

It’s true a free society harbors violent non-conformists, athletic scandals, war-mongers, those who manipulate others for profit. It’s true troubles will exist in every area of life in a free society.

But a free press keeps the general public duly informed. (Even reporter rats eventually run.)

Americans are accepting insults and defamation of professional athletes who kneel at the playing of the national anthem when the kneelers’ motives are to protest racism in their country, not to protest their country’s existence. 

It’s true a portion of professional athletes don’t represent their sport, or their country, with good deeds returned to their communities. Others, however, do, giving more and more without seeking rewards because they care and can financially do so. 

And a free press keeps the general public duly informed because it is a nation’s watch dog and it is free to report. 

Truths often are difficult to swallow.

It’s up to a free society’s general pubic to use information wisely for the greater good, and not to use it to divide and conquer the populace.


Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


Happy Birthday Rocky


I’m a movie nut and a Rocky Balboa fan. Yep, got’em all. Rocky and all six sequels that looked at all new storylines are part of my private video collection.

If you read, “Losing History”, the previous post in this blog (“Near the Finish Line”), you’ve already considered whether Rocky is an important part of our American culture.

Most critics say he is, and today he celebrated his capture of the populace on November 21, 1976, with his 40th birthday party. “Rocky” earned $117 Million in 1976 and was the highest grossing movie of the year.

Happy birthday, Rock!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg