Coffee Cup Series — Cup Two


However, she does have a sense of humor; tell her a joke to lighten the interruption!

A sense of humor, of course, became a family thing because of my Dad’s marvelous way of putting a light-hearted take on serious situations.

Our family get-togethers were ripe with humor and hearty laughter, and two of my five brothers were especially adept at telling stories and jokes.

My own two children and my daughter-in-law carried the humor torch forward, as well.

This second cup in my Coffee Cup Series was a birthday gift from my son and his wife, who actually picked it out especially for me. They understand that writing is my way of life!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Coffee Cup Series — Cup One


But I simply will persevere with humor!

As a young person trying to find adulthood, I was greatly influenced by the man who took care of our family — eight children and Mother — and who had a quick, stalwart and calm smile no matter the circumstances in which he found himself. That would be my Dad, whom we lost in 2011. (Mother passed in 2015.)

My Mother had many challenges in raising eight children, six of whom were younger than I. From her, I learned perseverance and an appreciation for poetry and writing.

What did Dad offer his eight children? He was there, so he showed steadiness. He loved us unconditionally, and bragged that he had one of everything — a musician, a singer, a writer of fiction, a journalist, a mechanic, a farmer, an engineer, and a devoted house-wife.

But it was his sense of humor, and his constant suggestion, through dialogue and example, that it’s a good idea to possess humor in one’s makeup. Humor, he insisted, was the main ingredient that will get one through life’s bumps  — which would be many — without too many sustained bruises. Although he also demonstrated that faith was important, he chose to mainly pass along to us the ingredient of humor.

Was he ever right! Thanks, Dad!

Here’s a cup to you, with heart-felt acknowledgement and good humor!

Photo from the copyrighted and personally owned collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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