College Football Playoffs–Maybe Ten



Four teams, the top four ranked by committee polling at the end of the regular season and conference championship games, will be the only participants in the college football playoffs, a new system to choose a national champion inaugurated in 2014.

The former Bowl Championship Series used to determine a national champion was bitten by controversy year after year until it was abandoned for the CFP.

However, I don’t think they have it right yet!

(Ask Buckeye TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT, pictured ABOVE.)

Why not take a bigger plunge and use the Top Ten teams for a playoff series? We all love a “Top Ten” in any competition, or subject, for that matter.

It will take more weeks to achieve a ten-team playoff arrangement, since footballers play just once a week due to the grueling demands of the sport. Right now, though, many teams must wait five, or even six, weeks before they play in a bowl game after the regular season, and the newest system hasn’t done anything to change that dilemma. Teams get a little out of snyc waiting weeks on end to play again after their regular season and conference championship games are completed by the first week in December.

In a Top Ten playoff, the first game could be played the following week, keeping teams in rhythm, and the play down could continue for another three weeks, so the championship game would be played at the same time it is currently — the second week in January.

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg