It Is Nearly Spring and —


Night time snow removal after peak traffic hours

This post is for the snowplowing cowboys who jumped into action a few days ago around the county, and who will be called on again soon in Spring-timeless areas! You come out from everywhere with every type of equipment to lend a hand, and you’re so appreciated! Thank you all !!

Another light snow storm is expected to wind itself down into Ohio and bordering states tomorrow. The Buckeye State just suffered a late blooming Winter blast that brought snowplowers out of their deep sleep and back into road-clearing action the first of this week. Their idleness for the most part this Winter season nearly sent them into rust mode, until Mother Nature decided to finally wake everyone up late into the Winter swoon by sending a few feet of white stuff to challenge them.

Oh, yes, that was six days ahead of Spring! Now we’ll get another delayed treat of Winter Wonderland two days before bud-pooping season.

Some of us must live in Ohio!

Thanks again to all snowplow cowboys and snow-removal jockeys everywhere!

All Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg